I’m done!! :D

Hey everyone!

Firstly, thank you to all of you for following, liking, commenting (I especially love these!!) and for supporting me 🙂 I don’t think I can really say enough how much it means 🙂

Secondly… I sat Grade 8!!! Ok, so time for me to be a bit proud 😉 So, with piano exams there are nine grades (including initial) and I just sat my last one ever!! 🙂 Oh, gosh… it’s such a relief!! 🙂 Of course I love playing the piano but it’s freeing to know I’m done 🙂

So, a big thank you to everyone who has helped me every step of the way over this eight year journey 🙂

I guess this is kind of a random post but I really just wanted to share the good news with you all 🙂

All my love

Lui xx 🙂


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