The Beach Trip| Day 12

Hello sweet peas!! 🙂

How are we all? 🙂

On Tuesday I finally had my first trip to the beach for this summer – I honestly feel so much better now!!!! There’s something about the beach that just completely relieves me of all my stress! Especially when you’re just having so much fun with a great bunch of friends! Unfortunately not all my friends could come, but I was able to go with two very special friends to me, and we had an amazing trip!

As one of my friends said “it might be summer out here, but in the sea it’s still winter!”, which is so typical of New Zealand – especially this far south! 😉 However, it was still a very warm day, and the sea was burningly hot – we had to run so fast to get from our towels to the water, so as we didn’t burn our feet! 😉 😀 We must’ve looked hilarious! 😉

We had a couple of dips in the water, and spent a wee while sun-bathing – although you have to be careful about that in New Zealand as you can burn really quickly, so I was avidly putting on sunblock!

It was such a fun day, and you all know how much I have been dreaming of going to the beach 😉

I hope you’re all having a great day! Have any of you been to the beach recently? What are your favourite summer things to do?

Lui xx


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