An Important Message from Me

Hi sweet peas

Originally when I started writing this post last night I wrote it with a heavy heart, and I don’t think it would’ve been something I would’ve been 100% happy with posting into the world. So today, I hope to convey an important message to you all, and to give those of you like me some hope.

As you may know my last post was about “not hating what you don’t know” and I must say that most of the comments made me smile, and made me feel so hopeful, grateful and happy to be a blogger. But there was one that saddened me right to my heart. The comment talked explicitly in favour of homophobia (for those of you confused, it was hating towards the LGBT+ community), and misused God’s name as an excuse. When I read it I felt angry, and so so sad. I deleted the comment, left my blog for the night, and I am not exaggerating when I say that I cried. I couldn’t believe someone could possibly think it was ok to post something so disgusting as that on a place that I have done my best to make a loving, and safe place for everyone.

I am a gay activist. My sexuality does not concern anyone, but so far in my life I have only had crushes on boys, which is not to say I could never love a girl the same way, but either way it doesn’t actually matter to anyone but myself and my future partner. However, just because I am not personally gay, doesn’t mean I am not an activist for gay rights and equality. I am of European descent, but I do anything I can to combat racism. I am a liberal Christian, but I will not stand for anyone hating someone for having a religion different to mine. I am a woman, and the men I am surrounded by are feminists, and believe in equality for women.

God does not hate. Jesus never ever said anything about being gay. In fact Jesus said “Love thy neighbour” and “treat others how you want to be treated”. Jesus didn’t hate. He taught people to love one another, to accept one another. Jesus hung out with the outcasts, and talked to unpopular people. He didn’t hate, or exclude someone. So please, do not use Gods name as an excuse or reason for hating someone.

So I need to ask you all something. If you are a homophobic person, and you refuse to change that; if you are a racist and refuse to change that (be that about religion or race); if you are a sexist, and refuse to change that, please unfollow, and leave my blog. My blog is a place of education, a sharing of knowledge, of love, caring and equality. Do not taint it with hate.

The comment I talked about is the first comment I have ever had of that sort, and I hope it to be my last. All comments will be moderated by me, and I will not hesitate to delete and report any comments that violate my values.

Thank you so much to those of you who have supported me so so much throughout my blogging career, and who continue to amaze me with your kindness and love.

I really hope you can all respect my decision for this. When I made this blog I made it to bring something good into the world, and I will continue to endeavour to do this.

Lui xx


28 thoughts on “An Important Message from Me

  1. Lui, I’m so sorry that you had to read a comment like that – all things happen for a reason, even if it made you feel sad, and even if that person was hating in such an ignorant and disgusting manner; the bright side is that you have stood up, and have posted about it raising awareness. I totally agree with what you stand for. Nobody should use God’s name for hating on others for any sort of reason – from what I know, no religion says to hurt anyone or hate on anyone like this. We are all brought on this earth to love, respect, and care for one another – not spread hate and violence by commenting these ignorant, blunt, and hurtful comments. I love that you posted this – that you voiced what needed to be heard. Hopefully people with their ignorance and hate can learn that their negativity is worthless, because the power of love, care, and optimism for positivity is irreplaceable; we are all human, nothing more, nothing less.

    Much love xx

    Aqsa ❤

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  2. 👍 I dont know why peoples decide to comment rude things on Internet. If they think it’s ok, they don’t know what life is.

    Ans seriously? Did the person SERIOUSLY misname God? How horrible. I can’t even.. I would have cried too, to be honest.

    I am a gay activist as well, and I’m happy you are too. If that person doesn’t like gay peoples, he doesn’t respect pur differences.

    My conclusion is that I will always, ALWAYS support you Lui. Keep on blogging, and don’t let peoples bring you don’t.

    xx, Eve 😃

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  3. That’s AWFUL Lui!!
    I’m so so proud of you for standing up for yourself and for your rights! You are very brave and I think that you handled it marvelously. I love your blog and I completely agree about it being a safe place with no hate.
    Your blog is full of positivity and awesomeness and no one should EVER
    destroy that. I can’t wait to read more of your amazing posts!! They always make me smile 🙂

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  4. Oh Lui I am so sorry to hear that. I really hope it doesn’t happen again. Your blog is an amazing place! Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again!
    Personally, I am a gay activist as well and I really believe that everyone is equal and should be allowed to marry, love who they want.

    I will always support your blog even in bad times and I really hope it doesn’t happen again ❤️xxxxx

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    1. thank you so much Rosie!! 🙂 thank u for ur invaluable support, it honestly makes me feel so much better knowing I have amazing people like u out there for me 🙂 ❤ and I agree! 🙂
      thank you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx

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  5. What a horrible thing to do! Don’t let one person get you down lui, coz all of the nicer people council them out. Remember we are all here for u and I think all the things you believe in are so good and I agree with them x love your posts, keep being the strong amazing person u are! ❤xxx

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