How to Spend an Autumn Day With Friends

Hello sweet peas!! 😀

Contrary to all my beach pictures that induce ideas of summer and  warm weather, in New Zealand it actually is autumn – and a really beautiful one too!! 😀

I was lucky enough to catch up with one of my closest friends at the beginning of the holidays, and we did the typical Lui trip to Christchurch: which consists of having no plan whatsoever! 😀

What I love to do is bus to the bus interchange in central city, and walk somewhere from there. By relative size Christchurch is a tiny city, but big enough that there is plenty to do, whilst being able to usually find your way 😉 Majority of the busses go to the interchange so its quite an easy trip to do 🙂WP_20170402_16_22_48_Pro

From there we walked down Cashel Mall a.k.a the Re:Start Mall, which is actually going to be no more very soon, as it was a temporary mall after the earthquakes and part of the initial rebuild. However, a lot of stores are moving into a big permanent building, and the mall will continue on nonetheless, just without the unique colourful shipping container shops.

From there its only about a five minute walk (if you are like me and stop to take photos of “pretty trees” every five seconds) to the Christchurch Botanical Gardens. The Gardens are one of my favourite places in Christchurch, as you probably know from my Instagram 😀

After pretending to be French tourists, trying to break into the neighbouring boys school grounds (they have gorgeous blazers, trust me), and doing the educational animal map designed for kids, we headed back to the famous Riccarton Mall to watch Beauty and the Beast. I cannot recommend that movie enough, honestly it was so good! At one point both me and my friend just started clapping – to be fair we thought it was live theatre, and there had just been a song 😀 😉 The clapping at the end was totally deliberate though – that movie deserved it! 😉 ❤

All in all it was an awesome day, and it was really awesome to catch up with my friend (we only every see each other in the holidays, but we make sure we do catch up, and we always just pick up straight where we left off) ❤


What do you guys like to do on autumn days? What fun things do you like to do with your friends? Anyone else clap in Beauty and the Beast? 😉 ❤

Until next time,

Lui xx


15 thoughts on “How to Spend an Autumn Day With Friends

      1. Haha I don’t care… this is the first year in ages where I haven’t been home at this time of year. I really miss it at the moment, even though I was home at Christmas.. only 124 sleeps till I’m home again though so I can’t really complain I guess. Hope you enjoyed Aussie 🙂

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  1. That so nice that you had a great time catching up with your friend 😊 Your photos look so pretty too. The leaves haven’t really started falling in Wellington yet but it is looking like it will be sunnier than summer was 😅 I also loved beauty and the beast so much! ❤️Xx

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  2. My favorite thing to do on a nice autumn day is simply go for a walk and look at all the foliage! Whether its through a cute suburb town or a city, the weather is always just so perfect for a nice day time adventure! And definitely must stop at a nice little cafe too along the way 🙂 And YESSS I clapped at the end of Beauty and the Beast lol

    xo, JJ

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