The Inspirational Blogger Award

Hey sweet peas!! 🙂

Now way back in March Rosinalee nominated me to do this award, and because I’m super organised here it is three months later 😉 ❤ Thank you Rosie for your patience haha 😀 ❤


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you in your post and make sure to link their blog!
  2. Insert the blog award badge
  3. Copy and paste these rules
  4. Complete the blogger award scrapbook style questions
    (make sure to include photos where possible)
  5. Nominate 10 other bloggers who inspire you

This award has been created by Aleeha and Lucy from the ‘HALE’ blog.

1. Share a quote to inspire other bloggers!

“If it won’t matter in five years time, don’t give it more than its five minutes worth now”.

I live by and love this quote! (As you all probably know haha). And its so true! I can’t remember whose blog I saw it on first, but whoever came up with it is a bloody genius 😉 ❤

2. Share a photo of one of your favourite places that you have visited. What do you love about this place?

get to know me tag

Wee bit of a posy one haha but this is me in Sydney in April. Absolutely loved this place, and I can’t wait to return 🙂 (also I was checking behind me to check if the wave was going to reach my feet haha not quite the posy picture I wanted it to be 😉 )

3. Share a link to one of your favourite blogs. What qualities do you love about this blogger?

I mean that’s pretty much just linking back who nominated me haha! Rosinalee is honestly just the most inspiring young woman on the planet, and such a loyal friend online and offline (even though we live on opposite sides of the world). I could talk about what an amazing blogger she is, but you lot already know that! 😉 But I think I need to mention what an awesome person she is outside of her blog 🙂 ❤ She’s one of the most genuine people you will ever meet ❤ ❤

4. Share a photo of a favourite book/film


You Lot need to know just how much I love Casablanca. It is honestly cinematic goals 😉 And look at Ingrid Bergmans jawline 😉 It is honestly such an amazing movie, and is definitely not dated in the least! It is just as poignant and funny as it was back then 🙂 ❤ And it was made in a couple of weeks (something short like that anyway) which is pretty amazing ❤ ❤

5. Do you have any other hobbies or passions outside of blogging?

Piano, composing, jazz improve., writing fiction, hanging out with friends, musical theatre or acting, and photography 😀 Of course travelling when I can too haha

6. List 5 places on your travel bucket list

  1. Casablanca – just so I can say I’ve been there haha, plus Morocco intrigues me 🙂
  2. Santorini – and other Greek islands because omg look at the photos!!! I need to swim in that water haha
  3. Brighton – because it looks so cool (and I mean that in both repsects) and because I loved England when I was there in 2012 ❤
  4. Berlin – because I need to test out my German skills haha and also Berlin looks so cool!
  5. New York!!! I have been in love with New York for years, and I need to go there to satisfy my dreams haha

7. Share a link to one of your favourite posts on your blog. Why is it your favourite?

My favourite is probably my Best Yourself Post that I wrote in December last year just because it was the first post I wrote where I felt like I could truly see the positive effect I was having on you, my readers 🙂 ❤

8. Share a photo of one item that you love.


9. Share an item which is currently on your wish list. What do you love so much about this item/why do you want it?

At the moment to be honest I just want to go on holiday somewhere warm 😉 ❤

10.How long have you been blogging for? Do you want to continue blogging forever?

I honestly can’t see myself ever not blogging, so yes I want to keep blogging as long as I can and want to 🙂 I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, my blog birthday is coming up soon 😀 ❤

I nominate:

(Sorry I didn’t nominate many people but if you would like to this award please do say in the comments and I will check out your post ❤ )

Thank you Rosie for nominating me for this award, I truly had a lot of fun doing this ❤ ❤

I would love to see what you lot would put for these questions ❤ Feel free to tell me in the comments your thoughts and answers as I always love reading them!!! ❤ ❤

Lui xx


14 thoughts on “The Inspirational Blogger Award

  1. Ohhh thank you for nominating me I’m looking forward to writing this my self just one question what does it mean by “scrapbook style questions” ??? Also congratulations !! Xx

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