Mental Health Awareness

Hey sweet peas ❤ ❤

Recently I was reading a post under a similar title on Aqsa’s blog and I was so inspired to share the message she was spreading. I am so lucky and proud to be part of such a supportive community online where people do speak out about their own struggles with mental health, and aren’t going to stand by while anyone else suffers.

I have been pretty fortunate in my life that the times where I haven’t at my usual cheerful self I have had a chorus of cheerleaders surrounding me; my parents, my brother, other family members friends all have made my life such a blessed one.

Last year I wrote a post titled Be Yourself, and as you may have seen me say before it was a turning point post on my blog. It was the moment when I realised just how much impact I can have in this world thanks to something I love so much: my blog. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I am here to make a positive difference in this world, and to emphasis the love we can share between each other in this world. Indifference and hate have no place on my blog, much less should they be in the world. And I cannot say how many times I have had a smile of pure joy on my face whilst I have been part of this amazing community.

To all of you who post about this topic on your blog, or Instagram, or even comment in posts sharing your opinion thank you so much for the positive effect you are having on the world.

I would highly recommend you read Aqsa’s post, and I have linked it here so you can read it. She is one of those amazing people making a difference in the world. I would also appreciate you reading my posts I have put under Positivity because the comments that are on there are so inspiring (I mean I think I wrote well too but the comments are what I’m concentrating on haha). The comments on my Be Yourself post are so inspiring and so purely amazing from some amazing people all around the world who are standing up for something so important ❤

I think the one thing that inspires me so so much is the way that you can take something negative and turn it into something positive and inspiring. I hope you all realise just how many people you are helping and inspiring.

Thank you all of you who make this world the amazing place we should all be able to live in ❤

Lui xx

p.s. thanks to Aqsa for the picture which is form her post ❤ ❤

3 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness

  1. Oh my gosh Lui; I love you so much for raising awareness about this on your blog ❤ . I can't tell you the amount of joy I'm feeling after I read your post. Thank you so much for your sweet, and absolutely amazing words! 🙂 ❤ xxxx

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