What Does Friendship Mean To Me? ❤

Hey sweet peas!!

Sorry I’ve been MIA: my notorious computer had to be wiped because the old software was corrupted and blah blah blah 😂 Point being, I love my computer because of how much it keeps me on my toes 😉

Today I thought a good topic to talk about would be friendship. I think its safe to say we have all had and have friends, in various shapes or forms. I know all my northern hemisphere readers are coming to the end of a school year, and maybe you’re going to a new school, or someone who is your friend is leaving. Ultimately you will probably make new friends in the new school year, which is pretty exciting!! 😃❤

For me, friends don’t have to be the people I see everyday, and I don’t have to be with them every second of their life to truly appreciate how much I love them, and how valued they are in my life. One of my absolute closest friends and I only see each other in the holidays, but to be honest I feel just as close to her as any other friend that I see everyday. In saying that, I’m always looking forward to the next time we catch up, and we always pick up where we left off.

One thing I’ve grown to appreciate above all else is the sense of peace, calm, and acceptance when you are around a really good friend. I love getting to that point in the friendship when you feel completely at ease with the other person, and like you can be yourself 100% with them. Its really funny, one of my closest friends and I only really became good friends last year; I’d always known who she was, and I thought she was nice, but our paths never really crossed so we didn’t get that chance to realise how similar and compatable we are. I even call her my twin now, because sometimes I just feel like we’re thinking the exact same thing, and that she really gets how I feel. (shout out to her if she’s reading this! 😘).

Of course I then have the friends I’ve had since I started at my current school, and I love them both so so much. One of them is the lovely Anju, and I think both of them really allow me to be as out-there and confident and as me as I want. I have that feeling of knowing them forever, so I know they love and celebrate the true me.

I also need to mention the long distance friends: I have Rosie from Rosinalee and my German friend, and even though I’ve never met either of them face to face, I feel like they’re just two girls I go to school with, and I know they’re always up for a conversation with me, just like any of my local friends ❤❤

As I said friends come many different shapes and forms, sometimes they’ll be people you’d expect to be friends, and sometimes they’re the last person you’d expect. Over time you’ll lose friends, and gain friends, but you’ll also have those friends that are there for the long haul. Even the people I’m not friends with anymore I choose to cherish the good times I had with them, because ultimately I was friends with them for a reason, and I will always know that.

Never underestimate the power of friendship. Friendship knows no borders, knows no prejudice. Friendship sees only you for who you are and says “you’re someone I want to be around”. Through true friendship you can overcome the moments in life where things aren’t great, even if it is between two friends. I’ve been there, and the friend that it did happen with, we are close as two peas in a pod now. I know we can get through anything.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and maybe felt inspired to show you’re friends how much they mean to you: Say it to them, text it to them.  Even if they think its random, they’ll appreciate it nonetheless (unless its 5am!!!).

I would love to see you guys do a post about what friendship means to you: I’m doing this as part of my initiative to raise mental health, and sometimes writing about the good things and people in life can make you feel 100 times better ❤ If you do write a post, please let me know, I’d love to read it!! Or, feel free to leave a comment saying what friendship means to you, I’d love to read them all!! 😊

Love you all,

Lui xx

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