What A Year of Blogging Has Taught Me

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Hey sweet peas! 🙂

So, last Wednesday was my blog birthday (as I keep saying!!), and I’ve seen a few people do these sort of posts around their blog birthday so I thought I’d give it a go! 🙂

– Don’t let bad stats get you down. As bloggers I’m sure you can all relate to those days where your stats just aren’t what they have been, and maybe a post didn’t do as well as predicted. It can be a bit shocking, but you just have to remember that stats fluctuate so much, and you’ll always have down days, but also those days when your stats are on fire! 😉 ❤

– Make the most of the blogging community. Make friends, and chat with people is honestly the best advice I can give. I’m generally up for a chat with another blogger, and I have made a fair few friends on here! 🙂

– Write what you want to write. Don’t write for good stats, or follows, or just because you’re too scared to post it. Don’t let fear of people not liking it get in the way. Obviously don’t post anything that you wont be proud of, but trust me I really mulled over whether or not to post my Feminism post forever but when I posted I was so proud of it, and we had some really great discussions on there 🙂

I can probably name a million more but these are the most important three to me 🙂
I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I would love to hear your thoughts, and what you’ve learnt whilst having your blog 🙂

Lui xx

11 thoughts on “What A Year of Blogging Has Taught Me

  1. Loved reading this and congrats on your one year of blogging!
    I definitely agree with the first point. Sometimes, it’s hard to see a post not getting as much views as you would like it to but i think at the end of the day, if you are happy with it that’s all that matters!

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  2. Congratulations on one year of blogging.😊 I really enjoyed reading your post – and I agree that you should not write for good stats. Blogging should be a hobby and people should feel free to write about what they like. That’s the most important thing. Xx

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