My Mecca Maxima Review

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Hey sweet peas!!

So back when I was in Sydney (too long ago!!) I found what is now one of my favourite shops: Mecca Maxima. I bought a super cool eyebrow pencil from Hourglass (in soft brunette), and omg I was so sad because I assumed they wouldn’t have Mecca back in New Zealand, or that it would only be in Auckland!

And then blessedly I found my beautiful Mecca at the ANZ centre in Christchurch!! 😀

So why do I love Mecca Maxima so much?

Okay so I am a lady that loves her make up! No arguing with that. And Mecca have so many good brands that you can’t buy anywhere else in New Zealand (i.e. Hourglass, Urban Decay etc.). A lot of their brands are ethically sourced, and use sustainable materials,  and whilst they’re not perfect they are still better than the other options!

Another thing I love is that their staff don’t work on commission of one particular brand, so you go in and ask for the product you want not the brand, and they help you find the best product out of many brands, which is much appreciated. Last time I went I got a (gorgeous!!) lipstick from Nars (Vera), a lip liner from Hourglass (Empress), and a foundation brush (I am weirdly addicted to brush shopping – am I alone?) from Urban Decay. All my products are amazing, and I loved having so much to chose from! 🙂

Here are my products:


I hope you enjoyed this post, and I have linked Mecca’s website here for New Zealand, Australia, and I’m sure if you click on these it will lead you to the website for your country (I don’t actually know what countries they are in sorry!).

I’d love to hear if any of you have been to Mecca, and what products you love! I’d also love to hear what you think of my lipstick haha 😉 ❤

Lui xx


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