The Hardest Part is Getting Started

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Hey sweet peas! 🙂

So as ever I am writing today about personal experience from my own week 🙂 Last Tuesday my year at school had to do seminars (like long and fancy speeches where you have to teach your class something) and I think the topic of todays post was very literal that day! Getting up and standing in front of your class for ten minutes is most definitely on the daunting activities list! I don’t think anyone was exactly itching to begin. Though all of us were ready to just get it done haha! 🙂

You know when you have something you’d really like to achieve or do, but you don’t know where to begin? And then you start and its actually kind of straight forward. 😉

As Augustus Waters in The Fault In Our Stars said: “I’m on a roller-coaster that’s only going up my friend.”

I can honestly say that for me the hardest part is getting motivated to do something! Whether that be going to the gym, doing study, or writing a blog post, the hard part is that initial step – and once I get going I am so into it that I have the motivation (well not always with study haha).

So how do you find the motivation to start?

Simply as this it is just knowing that you don’t generally have to start twice (generally), and that once you’ve finished it, it’s over! Generally you’re benefited at the end of it, so that feeling of completion can be pretty motivating in itself. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, that sometimes you just have to jump in with two feet and not think about. Grab the metaphorical bull by the horns (haha!).

So maybe you feel more motivated to do something you’ve been putting off now? I know that following this post I now have done one task I needed to do: write a post haha!

If you have any tips about getting motivated I’d love to hear them, or any thoughts relating to this! 🙂

Until next time (and thank you for the sweet comments last post!!! ❤ )

Lui xx

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