Christmas Makeup – Festive Pink Lipsticks| Day 17

Hello sweet peas!! 😀 Today I am going to be doing another makeup themed posts, as I am so in love with my pink lipsticks right now!! Today I will be talking about four of mine, which I love so much!! Maybelline – Sunset Blush This is the newest to be welcomed into the Lui Lipstick family! I got this one to celebrate the end … Continue reading Christmas Makeup – Festive Pink Lipsticks| Day 17

Christmas Makeup – Rich Red| Day 5

Hello sweet peas!! 😀 As we start to prepare for all the Christmas meet ups, I have started to think about makeup, and how to make the most of the Christmas season for makeup! 😉 ;D So, today I will be telling you about two of my favourite red lipsticks, that I think are perfect for the Christmas season 🙂 Revlon – Love That Red … Continue reading Christmas Makeup – Rich Red| Day 5

Summer Style: Boho Inspo

Hello sweet peas!! It’s that time of the year again! Gosh, I can’t believe it’s already October!! As some of my optimistic friends have been saying ” it’s Christmas weather already!”. Indeed, it has been a much welcomed 25⁰ breeze over the last couple of days! 😀 So, without further adieu! Summer style: Edition #1!! So, for this edition I want to talk about my much loved  boho style, … Continue reading Summer Style: Boho Inspo

What Came In The Post?! Pyjama Haul!!

So on Saturday morning guess what got delivered to my door! Pyjamas!! So some people do clothes hauls, or makeup hauls. I do pyjama hauls. 😉 haha oh I do love pyjamas! Especially nice ones 🙂 Whenever I buy pyjamas I order them online from Cotton On. I don’t usually buy things online because I like to try clothes on, and then buy them. But … Continue reading What Came In The Post?! Pyjama Haul!!

Spring shopping!

Hello everyone! Finally spring has sprung in the southern hemisphere – although today is most definitely not testament to that 😦 overcast in a grey, windless, uncomfortable sort of way. Oh well! Yesterday was beautiful 😉 So, all the new spring fashions are arriving! I’ve already started stocking up on my spring/summer wardrobe! I’m really liking this boho look, with patterned, floaty fabrics! Perfect for … Continue reading Spring shopping!