What Do You Love About Yourself?

Hey sweet peas! 🙂 So I’ve had a pretty good week (minus the flu at the beginning haha) and I feel really motivated to write a positivity post again 🙂 During one of my classes my teacher asked us all to say two things we liked about ourselves. A seemingly easy question, that took everyone a seriously long time to answer. having to identify something … Continue reading What Do You Love About Yourself?

Confidence – The Most Attractive Quality?

Hello sweet peas 😀 Time and time again people have asked the question what it is that attracts one person to another – be that friends, or a boyfriend, or girlfriend. And many times I have been told it is confidence. Usually at this point a lot of people groan and say “really?!?!” because they are convinced that this is completely unachievable for them. But … Continue reading Confidence – The Most Attractive Quality?

Be Yourself

Hello sweet peas So often I hear girls around me (because I go to a girls only school) judging themselves so casually, and worrying so much about having like one pimple! And I’m just standing there like ‘I actually like how I look guys, but ok keep slandering yourself” not. Honestly, the minute someone says “oh you look good, but I don’t like that photo because I … Continue reading Be Yourself